The goal of any treatment plan for a person with diabetes is to control blood sugar and avoid problems or health complications. However, each person has needs, so you will need a specific plan of care for your diabetes. Best way to treat it medically is trulicity and trulicity cost is low at Prescription Hope where you can buy it cheaply

It takes a team

Experts recommend bringing together a team of people to treat diabetes. You are the most important member of your diabetes team, since you are the one who suffers from the disease and deals with it on a daily basis.

You can choose relatives or close friends to help you with the planning and preparation of meals, accompanying you when you exercise, when going to medical visits or simply listening. You can also search for diabetes support groups in your area.

Your health care team for diabetes

Let’s see below who can be part of your healthcare team. Several factors will influence the choice of members of your health care team, such as what specialists you may need to help you manage your diabetes and what resources are available to you in your health care system.

Below you will find some of the professionals that could be part of your diabetes health care team.

  • Primary care health professional: professional who visits to have a general check-up or when he is indisposed.
  • Endocrinologist:  doctor with specialized training in hormonal diseases, such as diabetes.
  • Nurse educator specialized in diabetes:  nurse with specialized training and experience in the care of people with diabetes and their relatives and in their training in the field of diabetes.
  • Qualified dietetic specialist:  trained professional in the field of nutrition who can help you make decisions regarding healthy eating based on your nutritional needs, desired weight, lifestyle, medication and other health goals.
  • Oculist (ophthalmologist or optometrist): a doctor specializing in eye diseases, including diabetic eye disease, and trained for its exploration.
  • Social worker / psychologist / psychiatrist / psychotherapist / family:  mental health professional who can help in the personal and emotional aspects related to leading a life with diabetes and how to cope.
  • Podiatrist:  doctor trained to treat the feet and other problems of the lower legs.
  • Pharmacist:  health professional who prepares and distributes medications and who can also advise you on the taking of medicines for diabetes and other types.
  • Dentist:  doctor who takes care of keeping your teeth and gums healthy.
  • Exercise physiologist:  health professional trained in the science of exercise that can help you effectively include exercise in your diabetes treatment plan.
  • Certified Diabetes Educator (ED):  EDs can be nurses, dietetics specialists, doctors, pharmacists, chiropodists, consultants or other health professionals with a special certification in diabetes.