Depending on the model you choose, a HoMedics massage chair will set you back from around $250 to $800. There are three main versions, each with variants, each offering different features and functions. The below is a sample of the currently available HoMedics massage chairs.

A very simple, sleek and nice looking chair is the HoMedics AntiGravity relaxation recliner. The corporation hypothesizes the chair as providing an’ anti-gravity’ function that utilizes the same seating position as NASA astronauts setting off into orbit. Hyperbole aside, what anti-gravity entails is the reclining of the chair so that the ankles and feet are slightly higher than the shoulders. I don’t know about space travel, but research has shown that this position helps with circulation and that most people find it to be comfortable and relaxing.

What’s good about the chair is that it comes with ventilation, which is not a feature that you often see in low-cost chairs (starting at around $250). The basic model is the AG-2101 chair of HoMedics, which comes with easy vibrating relaxation. You pull a lever to recline and push it into a number of different positions of recline. It comes with 10 relaxation services-very simple ones-and a hand control that is quick to use.

The AG-3000, AG-3001 and AG-3000S versions can be updated (maximum price about $380). We have an even more enticing style and come on the back with a shiatsu massager. While the shiatsu back massager is cool, if you wanted a real shiatsu massage, you wouldn’t buy the chair.

All in all, I like the HoMedics Anti-Gravity for a cheap comfort recliner. I’d consider the standard AG-2101, the more costly you can’t offer that much more.

The massaging recliner from HoMedics eLounger feels more like a conventional massage chair. This comes with fake black leather and in most homes it wouldn’t look out of place. It has four massage functions: kneading, rubbing, kneading and clicking and rolling every 15 minutes with 3 scheduled Complete, Upper and Lower Back sessions. It’s sometimes known as the HoMedics shiatsu massage chair, but at its price or around $500-$ 800 (depending on the model) you won’t get a proper shiatsu massage-a successful shiatsu massage chair begins from about $1,800.

However, the massage given is quite nice and this HoMedics massage chair is definitely better in terms of style, works and ease of use than its counterpart, the iJoy massage chair.

In the top of the armrest, the control panel is mounted. Others won’t like this as their arm will always rest on it – though you may delete the power, and on the other armrest there’s a cup holder. I wish the creator of the cup wasn’t there; it’s not as if during your treatment you’re going to have a drink or snack and it just looks tacky.

The recliner chair and ottoman of the HoMedics Scandinavian electric relaxation is my dream place. I like its plain, sleek style; I like its $550 price; and I like the features and functions that come with it. I need heat during my treatment, so I like the idea that there are 3 lower back, seat and calf heat areas. The types of massage include incorporating kneading, spinning, rubbing, kneading and pressing. You can also choose a partial massage (focusing on your body’s 4 “range area) or place (focusing on just one location to knead or knead and tape). The strength can also be adjusted to small, medium and high and 3 massage speeds are also available.

I would only be interested in buying the Scandinavian recliner and ottoman from the three major versions of HoMedics massage chairs. I think it offers all the best features, looks great and also comes at an attractive price.