Feeling stressed? Now may be a good time to investigate a retreat. Although the word retreat brings to mind thoughts of massages and facials, not every retreat is full of expensive moisturizers and hot rocks, at least not the hot rocks you would find at the spa. Retreats are typically all-inclusive trips that give you the opportunity to relax and de-stress by removing the worries of everyday life and allowing you to rest and regain peace. The health benefits of retreats are innumerable, especially if you choose a retreat that leaves you calm, relaxed, and filled with life lessons that you can carry with you. Although spa retreats can have this type of effect, sometimes something a little more challenging and adventurous is required. Why not try a fitness retreat? Here are a few options that may fit the bill.

Yoga Retreats

Yoga has come a long way over its 5000-year history, with many significant additions being made over the last forty years. Nowadays, yoga classes can be found in nearly every city and the classes are nearly as diverse as the cities that host them. From hot yoga to restorative yoga, no matter what type you prefer, you can find a retreat to match. How about trying balance yoga near the ocean? Or hot yoga in the desert? Most retreats include a variety of classes, both about yoga and healthy living, as well as other activities such as hiking and surfing. Balanced meal plans are often included, so the only thing left to worry about is which yoga pants to pack!

Wilderness Retreats

Need to detox from technology and the craziness of the modern world? How about trying a wilderness retreat? These retreats are often hosted in areas that do not have cell phone signal, so you won’t even be tempted to go back to technology. Hiking and wilderness adventures are the name of the game. These retreats give you the chance to reconnect with nature as well as gain new survival skills and build some muscles you may not have even known you had. Retreats like these can be found all around the world, but if you want to stay within the United States, a simple search for fitness retreat san jose ca will bring up a multitude of choices. These retreats also come with classes, meal plans, and many life changing experiences.

Ocean Adventures

Vacations are about relaxation and making unforgettable memories. With that in mind, why choose between surfing and mountain hiking? You can have both. Many coastal areas offer retreats that combine surfing, kayaking, and other water adventures with hiking and camping. These retreats offer the relaxation of the ocean and the adventure of the wilderness all in one. What better way to regain balance and peace than to experience two of nature’s most exquisite environments? These retreats offer many options for learning and growing through adventure and life-changing challenges.

Whether you want to try yoga on a paddleboard, climbing mountains, hiking through the wilderness, or all three, there is a fitness retreat out there for you. Although some may think that taking time away to destress is selfish, it is just the opposite. Taking time for yourself can help you to regain the balance you need to maintain your health, both physical and mental, therefore helping you maintain healthy relationships and to better care for others. Take time for yourself and try something new. Enjoy your fitness retreat!