To intelligently curb a craving after school or work, you can make a quick fruit salad with tangerines (fresh or canned), a sliced ​​banana, a grated apple, red fruits (fresh or frozen) and other fruits of his choice. Or cut a banana lengthwise and garnish each half with low-fat yogurt, with a few berries on top.

In cold weather, a bowl of soup is an invigorating snack. But beware, canned or dehydrated soups, often very salty, are not suitable for those on a low sodium diet. Half a baked potato, topped with low-fat cottage cheese and sprinkled with chives, is an interesting alternative. It’s wise to put good snack foods on your board list from When you have them on hand, it’s easier to prepare snacks to take to school, work or travel. You must resist very fatty store-bought treats, such as crisps or appetizers.

Good snacks

When you are used to having a snack, you have to take it into account in the distribution of your daily ration and choose your foods well, but, in all cases, you should know that a snack, like a meal, is planned. It should not be confused with semi-permanent snacking.

A snack can look like a small meal: a sandwich, vegetable soup, cheese and breadsticks, for example, or yogurt topped with fruit. People who like crispy and salty foods can dip toast, breadsticks, pita bread, or popcorn in cottage cheese. Other examples of snacking: a bowl of cereal with semi-skimmed milk and fresh fruit or a mini-pizza made with country bread topped with tomato coulis and mozzarella or low-fat Gruyere.

The snack can be used to supplement the daily intake of starchy foods or the minimum 5 servings of fruits and vegetables recommended. A milk bun and an apple, a wholemeal bread sandwich topped with grated raw vegetables and low-fat mayonnaise: this is a nutritious, substantial and healthy snack. Yogurt or cottage cheese mixed with chunks of fresh fruit with toast are a great after-school snack. And as a drink: a fresh fruit juice or quite simply still or sparkling water, possibly with lemon juice – that’s perfect!