Endless hours at work? Do you feel that you have too many obligations? Is anxiety and stress winning the battle? Do not let them be with you! If you want your day to day to not generate these feelings so harmful to your health, change some habits. We will explain how to get it. You can search “anxiety treatment near me” on web for nearby anxiety treatment

Accept moments of stress

Anxiety and stress harm our body, so we want to eliminate or reject them. However, the longer we take this action, the more difficult it will be to fight them. You do not have to constantly think about anxiety, you just have to be aware of its existence. In this way the perspective you have about the problem will be more objective, so you will regain control of the situation.

Slowly but surely

Due to lack of time, a poor organization or a high level of anxiety, most people end up doing harmful actions to their bodies, such as eating standing up, doing several jobs at the same time, or not being able to concentrate on just one. The solution lies in slowing the pace, prioritizing the most important tasks and ordering each and every one of them. It may seem counterproductive, but the truth is that when we slow down, we perform more.

The 2 minute rule

The mental reminder of the tasks that remain for us to do is what generates us so much anxiety. Productivity experts say that the best way to solve this problem is to apply the 2 minute rule. It focuses on that if one of the tasks you have to do is only going to take 2 minutes, do it as soon as possible, to forget about it.

Get organized

If, on the other hand, you think it’s going to take more time, ask yourself if it’s worth it. If so, plan your time to add it. Getting the balance between these small tasks and the big ones will make you feel a greater satisfaction. Remember, it’s not easy, but your level of anxiety will decrease once you get to plan your time effectively.

Dedicate yourself time

Finding an hour a day to enjoy what we like and what motivates us helps to free the mind and the body. Anxious people tend to be surrounded by new projects and activities that consume them day to day. Establishing a small portion of time per day to do a hobby, with which you feel comfortable, will help your mind and your performance will increase.

Delegate tasks

A characteristic of people who suffer anxiety is that they want to do everything themselves. Therefore, to combat anxiety they must learn to delegate tasks to the people they trust the most. It is not necessary that they delegate or refuse to do all of them, but that they manage it little by little, starting with small actions that take time and that other workers could really do.


Learning to relax is one of the most important points to learn to control anxiety. Activities such as yoga, meditation can help solve this problem. At the same time your heart rate will decrease, so the nervous system will be in a better state.

Rest well

The constant activity to which we are subjected generates that we sleep around 5 hours a day, an incorrect practice for our well-being. That is why we should try to sleep long enough for the body and mind to repair themselves and to feel like new again.

Live the ‘here and now’

One of the philosophies that follow this mantra is ‘mindfulness’, a therapy centered on the present moment. Many of our concerns are focused on recurring thoughts about the past or the future, so we must learn to restructure our mind. Turning around something that has happened, or something that is about to happen, does not make sense for our organism. Learning to manage what happens in the present moment is healthier for the mind.

Physical exercise

Practicing a sport helps to release the anxiety and stress that we have accumulated during the day. The experts recommend that they be intense exercises, although they last half an hour, so that they allow to release a great amount of endorphins. In this way we will notice improvement in both our physical and mental aspects.

Change the perspective

Many times visualizing stressors from another perspective helps us to take the situation calmly. This advice focuses on changing what is happening and introducing a “however”. For example, “I have a lot of work, I am on the limit. However, I will try to give the best of myself. ”

Higher performance

A study conducted at Yale University showed that people who had believed that stress was a job enhancer increased their work performance and decreased their cortisol level. On the contrary, the group that had not believed this idea continued to present high levels of stress and dissatisfaction.