Grocery shopping is not top of the list as a favorite pastime. Most people try and avoid the trolley rage that comes with chaos in the milk aisle.

With today’s health risks, more people than ever are switching to technology. They are making sure they complete their shop quickly and smoothly.

Here are 5 of the best grocery shopping apps for streamlining your experience right now.

  1. Out of Milk – Grocery Shopping List

There is a good reason grocery articles put Out Of Milk at the top of their list of grocery shopping apps.

It’s a fantastic way of making sure you’ve got everything you need at the supermarket. Out Of Milk allows barcode scanning, voice assistants, and typing. That way, you always have a useful way of adding to the list. The voice addition is excellent if you’re mid-baking and have messy hands!

The app also allows many users for one list. That way, the person shopping can tick off the ingredients as they go. That means you’ll not only be out of milk but won’t find yourself having twice as much either!

  1. Your Local Supermarket App – Convenience

If you’re a traditionalist and are loyal to one place, most supermarkets have an app. With these, you can shop your groceries online, in a similar way you would at the store.

You have a basket, find the items you need, add to the basket, and then check out at the end. From there you can either have them delivered or picked up from the supermarket.

You also have the flexibility of extra features if needed. Examples include ordering repeat items, barcode scanning input, and filtering by price.

  1. HelloFresh – Meal-Prep Delivery Service

In recent times, meal-prep services like HelloFresh have proven essential for many. Great for anyone busy or with additional needs who want to live an independent lifestyle. These businesses save time on tedious meal preparation.

It’s easy to use. Find a recipe, order the ingredients, and pre-packaged goods arrive at your door. This approach also cuts down on food waste.

Instead of having to buy a tub of salsa for one meal and throwing the rest, you’ll get one small post for that meal alone. It can also save money, so it’s worth considering. Plus, HelloFresh run discounts and referral offers, so it’s worth a trial.

  1. UberEats – Fast Food to Your Door

Uber is synonymous with travel. And now, they’ve branched out into delivery services. If they can deliver people, then they can provide food as well!

UberEats supports local businesses by providing a portal for local shops to sell. It’s what’s keeping many small companies alive. Places like Steve’s Poke Bar use this service, bringing the restaurant experience home.

If you feel like supporting your local community, UberEats is a great choice.

  1. Any Amazon App – All in One Experience

The ultimate store for anyone who hates shopping, Amazon has it nailed. There’s a reason Amazon is the biggest retailer in the world. It’s no surprise that their status brings innovation, allowing deliveries within the hour.

Plus, with a Prime subscription, you get all the benefits of free delivery. You also gain access to Amazon’s many other services they offer. For some, it’s the ultimate back-up plan. For others, it’s an all-in-one solution that takes the stress out of shopping.

Grocery Shopping Apps Are the Future

Good grocery shopping apps are easy to use, stress-free, and most of all, productive. If it doesn’t fit those criteria, it renders itself useless, and you might as well use pen and paper. There are understandable concerns as well for the local stores right now.

Troubled times mean companies have to adapt. If your local independent store embraces modern technology, then use that technology.

For more top tips on how to streamline your life, keep reading our articles for more advice.