To some people, their pets are their family. This means they undoubtedly don’t want to be away from your pet even during rehabilitation. Fortunately, there are now pet friendly rehabs in California. They welcome any pet, whether cats or dogs, as these rehab centers understand the health benefits that being in the presence of your pet brings.

Drug and Alcohol Intervention Services in Pet-Friendly Rehab Centers

The drug and alcohol intervention services in pet-friendly rehab centers aren’t that different in other centers. The only difference is they allow you to bring your pet, which gives additional benefits to your wellbeing. Once admitted to the center, the main concern is on the right kind of detox treatment suitable to the nature of your condition.

Pet-friendly rehabs in California do not recommend forcing you to subject to any treatment. It must be out of your volition as you will never truly recover if you don’t truly desire it. But of course, rehab centers also recognize that some people struggling with addiction deny having one. It is common for them to be unwilling to admit to having a drug or alcohol problem.

This is where the help of loved ones would be great. Their encouragement and support would help the patient to recognize the need to stop being dependent on alcohol or drugs to deal with problems. Another help would be arranging an intervention to help the patient learn how to speak their mind or break down the denial. Ultimately, this will lead to change and successful recovery.

Preparing for a Pet-Friendly Rehabilitation

When you prepare to settle in your choice of pet-friendly rehabs in California, you’ll surely have questions. Some of these are concerns about what you will be allowed to bring in the treatment center. As you will be entering a pet-friendly facility, you can expect that coming with your pet is perfectly okay. Your pet is part of the therapy process by providing important mental and physical benefits.

Benefits of Having Your Pet during Rehab Treatment

Having your pet in the treatment center means your day starts and ends together. Your day will be filled with not only one-on-one therapy and group sessions but also of the routines of taking care of your pet. Those interactions and activities you have with your furry friend supplement the treatment as they are simple pleasures that sustain you.

The benefits of having your pet during rehab treatment include:

  • Better Physical Health
  • Balance Mood
  • Emotional Support
  • Responsibility
  • Consistency
  • Better Social Skills
  • Positive and Healthy Thoughts
  • Helps Anxiety, Depression, and Stress
  • Improve Self-Care
  • Personal Growth
  • Pain Reduction
  • Meaningful Moments with Family
  • Prevents Relapse

There is clearly a long list of the positive impact that staying at a pet friendly rehab has to offer. Your pet serves as the anchor to your successful recovery, preventing relapse and directing you to a continued sobriety living. If you haven’t a pet before and you’re planning to enter a rehab center, now’s a great time to adopt one and develop a deep connection with lovely animals.