Spinal cord injuries can occur in various ways. Car accidents, slip and fall injuries, medical malpractice, sports injuries, and other types of injuries can result in spinal cord injuries. Anatomy indicates that the spinal cord is among the most vital and delicate areas of the human body. In most cases, severe injuries can result in paralysis, permanent impairment, or death. The injury victims and their loved ones have a legal right to compensation for any spinal cord injury caused by the negligence of other people.

Working with a Miami, FL spinal injury lawyer can increase the chances of successfully getting compensated for your spinal cord injuries. Note that these lawyers have decades of experience in helping spinal cord injury victims and protecting their rights when it comes to filing a claim.

Who should compensate for a spinal cord injury victim?

An entity whose negligence causes injuries is legally obliged to fully compensate the victim for spinal cord injuries and the related financial losses. More than one entity may be legally responsible for compensating a victim depending on the type of accident that resulted in the spinal cord injury.

Household accidents

If a spinal cord injury is caused by accident at home such as accidental poisoning, burns, slips or falls, the property owner may be legally responsible for compensating the victim, a legal doctrine called premises liability.

Note that all homeowners owe a duty of care to everyone they invite into their homes. Generally, this duty requires that the property owner warn guests of any dangers including loose tiles, slick floors, aggressive pets, or any other danger that might not be apparent to the guests.

Slip and fall accidents

The premises liability also applies in a case where the spinal cord injury occurs because of a slip or fall accident in business places and public areas. Patrons of entertainment venues, retail stores, gas stations, restaurants, and other areas might slip and fall. The owners of these places also have a duty of care towards everyone who enters the premises.

Store owners have a higher duty of care than other property owners as they invite people into their businesses for a specific reason such as to purchase products. This is the primary reason public place and store owners have the legal duty to inspect their premises and ensure they are safe regularly.

Car accidents

A negligent driver whose choices caused an accident is legally obliged to compensate the victims who got injured in the collision. This is the reason the insurance companies’ focus is to determine which driver was at fault for causing the collision. Note that the at-fault driver’s liability insurance carrier is contractually obliged to compensate all the victims for the resulting spinal cord injuries, other injuries, and financial losses.

Medical malpractices

Varying levels of medical malpractices can worsen or cause spinal cord injuries. Given the nature of spinal cord injuries, this can happen during medical procedures such as surgeries. Surgeons, nurses, and other medical practitioners owe their patients a legal standard of care.

Regarding the cause of your spinal cord injury, you need a trained and a reliable spinal cord injury attorney to get fair compensation for your damages.