When a loved one has a drug addiction, you should look for the best drug treatment centers Sacramento that will help them quit their addiction and achieve sobriety. To choose the best center can be a challenging process. Here are some tips to make the process easier for you.


The support of family and friends will play an essential role in the success of the treatment program. It’s usually better to pick a drug treatment center that is located near your home.

Type of Programs Offered

Rehab centers provide different therapies. Effective treatment programs treat the multiple needs of the patient. It doesn’t only focus on the person’s drug abuse. It consistently evaluates and modifies treatment based on the progress of the patient. When you first enter the center, you will undergo a detoxification program. Remember that this is not a cure. Detoxification only gets rid of the toxins in the long. Rehab centers usually offer counseling to help patients achieve long-term sobriety and provide them with real life skills that they can use to integrate into society. You can learn your triggers and how to overcome them. Counseling and therapies can be conducted one on one or in groups.


The cost of drug treatment depends on various factors, including the facilities of the center, its location and the programs it offers. Luxury rehab centers resemble a high-end resort and usually provide extras aside from drug rehabilitation therapy. They usually have personal trainers, massage therapists, nannies, and nutritionists.

Standard drug rehab centers provide patients with a comfortable environment that’s mainly focused on drug rehabilitation. These centers are not luxurious, but they usually have extra facilities like a gym or pool. There’s generally very little difference in treatment quality between a standard and luxury center. If a standard drug rehab center meets your needs and budget, it can be a good option.

There are other options available if you have a limited budget. Ask your health department or local social service if they can recommend a cheap or free drug rehabilitation program. This kind of program is usually offered by not-for-profit organizations, charities, and church groups. The level of treatment is also good, and those that provide these programs are motivated to help patients.

Continuing Care

You have to know what care is offered by the center after you leave. Recovery is a continuing process. Remember that drug rehabilitation doesn’t end when you leave the center. You should receive care while you’re staying at the center and after you leave the facility. Aftercare is critical as it helps you achieve long-lasting behavioral change, so ask the drug rehab center Sacramento what kind of continuing care they offer. You don’t want to relapse shortly after release.

Choosing the right drug treatment center is extremely important. You want to pick one that meets your needs and budget. Of course, your determination to achieve long-term sobriety also plays an essential role in your recovery. If you are determined, you will definitely live a drug-free life.