With all the sweet meals on this planet we call earth; one that has always taken the day is a pizza. Simply, you cannot confidently say you’ve had the best of meals before laying your hands on a pizza. In addition to this, you can’t explain the richness in taste to friends. They just have to take the journey of diverse flavors exciting their taste buds on their own. However, the journey can hit a stumbling block for you and your friend if the pizza was not cooked on a pizza stone. If you already have or are planning to get one, it is important to know how to use it in order to have wonderful results.

For starters, you need to know when to place the stone in your oven. Start by placing your pizza stone in the oven when it is not heated. After this, crank up the oven temperatures for the stone to heat well before using it. Wondering why this is necessary? Well, there is one very convincing reason, your stone may crack. Yes, that’s right, placing the stone in an oven which is preheated may crack the stone due to the sudden change in temperatures of the stone. Placing it in the oven while the it is cold will allow for the stone to increase in temperature gradually as the oven heats up.

With this being said, you may be wondering how long the pizza stone should be heated before you place your pizza on it. Well, the time may vary, but preferably, have the stone heated for at least 15 minutes to about an hour. This allows for the stone to be hot for the pizza to cook perfectly. Under such conditions, it will take about seven to eight minutes to cook the pizza.

After the cooking is done you may be tempted to remove the stone from the oven or grill and place it on a different surface to cool down. The best policy, however, is to switch off the heat and let it cool down naturally before pulling it out. The Cast Elegance Weber Pizza Stone preheats well with the oven or grill. Additionally, it may be too hot to hold and you don’t want to end up burning your hands before they get hold of that pizza masterpiece. Do not be tempted to cool it with water since chances of cracking may be high.

After feasting on that mouth-watering pizza, the next question which will most likely come to mind is whether it is supposed to be cleaned and if so, how? Well, the pizza stone does not require extensive cleaning. The easiest cleaning is scraping off the stuck chunks with a knife or a similar item. However, it should not be cleaned with soap. Remember, the more the stone cooks, the higher the diversity in taste.

With all the above tips you should now be able to handle your pizza stone well. There is no reason why you can’t get a pizza stone and start your journey to cooking tantalizing pizzas.