Life presents many challenges, one of the greatest challenges we face, is realizing that our parents can no longer care for themselves. This can be an emotional time for both parents and adult children. There are so many choices to be made and the options can become overwhelming. Today there are many options available for aging parents, to live comfortably.

Medicaid is the main funding source to provide costs for this care. This is where the choices begin. Each state pertains their own individual plan based on, section 1902 of the Social Security Act and is approved by the federal government. The plan includes all the policies and procedures, the state is to follow regarding Medicaid funding. Each plan can be found on the Department of Health website and is updated quarterly.

The ins and outs of this plan are extensive and applying for Medicaid care is a very complicated process. There are three basic things that must be established before applying, financial status, medical need and citizenship. To secure and assist with this process seek out medicaid specialist oyster bay ny.

The Medicaid specialist is there to provide information and explain the complicated Medicaid process. Once the information is provided, and the care needed has been established, the Medicaid specialist will then proceed with the application process. The Medicaid specialist can assist in collecting financial information, confirming information, liquidating assets, obtaining missing documentation and guiding individuals through the spend down process.

Nursing Home VS Assisted Living

Thirty years ago, the options were clean cut and limited to the local nursing home. Nursing homes provide three types of care: Skilled Nursing or consistent medical care; Short Term Rehabilitation due to injury, disability or illness; Long Term Care address daily medical needs do to a physical or mental condition. As recently as 2018 the NY Times reported the increasing decline and need of nursing homes.

The explanation for the limited choices used to be simple, Medicaid only provided financial assistance for these types of facilities. Although people preferred the option of Assisted Living, without the financial backing it was just not an option. Thankfully the US government was listening and in 2005 Medicaid for preferred living was approved by Congress. According to the NY Times article, The Federal Government Accountability Office reported, that Medicaid now covers 330,000 people in assisted living facilities. However, future concerns are that the care for the Baby Boomer generation is still to come and could affect the current circumstances.

The choice between Nursing and Assisted living is not cut and dry, but more relies on the needs and care of the individual in question. Some hard questions need to be asked, not only of the individual’s care but also, how each facility can meet those needs, whether those needs be medical, social or day-to-day living preference. Time and investigation are necessary for the right solution to be found.