Students who seek out public health schools for their education will typically do so because they know that a Master’s in Public Health can give them the tools they need to compete in a wide variety of fields and industries. This is a degree that can be extremely useful for finding the right job and with so many options available, it might just pay to study public health at Stanford University or seek out a good online MPH program to get your career up and running. Here are just some of the great job options for public health graduates:

Biosecurity Specialist

The goal of public health is to preserve the overall health and well-being of the public at large. In today’s dangerous world, bioterrorism is becoming a global threat and your job would be to identify possible biological attacks and research the potential forms of bioterrorism and their impacts on the region where they are most likely to occur.


Your job would be to create experiments and conduct research programs with the goal of collecting data and tracking trends in public illnesses and injuries. This is a very important post in the public health sector as it can help determine policy for establishing health and safety standards for the field in which you work.

Health Communications Specialist

This position is tasked with providing valuable information and support for helping the public to comprehend the importance of leading a healthy life. That can be achieved through a number of different methods from creating outreach programs to distributing pamphlets to building online communities that discuss the many ways to live healthily. Your skills for communication are important in this position and getting a degree can help you hone those skills.

Environmental Health

This is a sector that focuses on the environmental impacts that can be found on the state of our health. You can work as a nurse who is tasked with providing clinical care for those in need or work your way up to the director of an environmental health department working in a number of areas to bring awareness and implement preventative strategies to deal with various environmental influences on the health and well-being of the public.

Health and Safety Engineer

It’s just like the job title says, your responsibilities include engineering systems and prevention techniques for illness and injury prevention by identifying where all of the potential dangers lie in your profession. This position is most prevalent scientific, construction, technical, and government sectors. You will be expected to not just identify where problems may arise but come up with smart solutions for addressing these issues and ensuring total compliance with industry regulations.

Healthcare Administrator

This job option incorporates providing support to healthcare facilities and departments to help direct and coordinate health services for providing much needed urgent and preventive care for patients. This is done through identifying ways to make the delivery of care more efficient and effective across all areas of healthcare. The result is higher quality care in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, community clinics, ambulance services, and nursing homes.