It’s never an easy thing to start having to think about senior living options, especially for a parent who has recently lost a life partner. However, when it comes to caring for your parent or aging friend, it’s a necessary step. When it comes to care for the elderly, there are a few different options available to most family members who are starting to feel like their loved ones need a bit of extra help. From care from fellow seniors to assisted living facilities and nursing homes, there are many different ways of helping an elderly adult transition into a new phase of life. Still, for seniors who are still largely independent and looking to live their own lives, in-home care is often the best option. If you’re thinking about giving your loved one a bit of extra care, here are a few reasons to consider in-home help.

It’s Convenient

When a senior isn’t quite at the stage of life where everything about the outside world feels difficult and confusing to take on alone, in-home care is a great way to make things a little bit more manageable. Independent seniors benefit from having a nurse or senior friend stop by a few times a week to help with basic tasks like cooking and grocery shopping, even if they don’t feel like they depend on getting the help. Getting toward an advanced stage in life can bring on a lot of stress without a person even being aware of it creeping up. When there’s help nearby, it can feel far less scary and painful to have to admit to needing a bit of extra support.

It’s Less Expensive

If you’re looking for ways to support a loved one, assisted living can be a great option that leaves nothing to be desired. However, assisted living homes are full-service facilities that can end up costing a lot of money year after year. While cost should never be the deciding factor for senior care, for many children of aging parents, it’s part of the decision. Hiring an in-home nurse can be a perfect way to save money and give seniors the extra help they need.

It’s Healthy

For seniors, having someone to depend on each day can help alleviate stress. Bringing stress levels down can be a huge help when it comes to mental health and stability. Just knowing that they have support for smaller tasks a few days a week can make a huge difference for seniors who are beginning to feel like they need extra care. In-home care is an especially great idea for children who live far away from their parents and don’t have the time or money to stop by their homes regularly to check in.

It’s Interactive

Keeping social is also a huge part of senior health. As we get older, staying social and active becomes harder and harder, especially if we already live in a secluded area. Even for seniors living in a metropolitan area, it can be a struggle. Having an in-home caretaker come in makes things a bit more social and enjoyable for a senior, and many caretakers end up becoming a close and valuable part of a senior’s life.