Name: Ardha= half, Baddha= lock, Padma= Lotus, Paschima= West (lower back), Uttana= Upward, Asana= Pose.

Meaning: Half locked lotus back stretch pose. Drishti: Pada Angushta Drishti

Procedure: Sit at the 1/3rd of the mat with stretched knees. Now follow the instructions;

Inhale grab the big toe of right foot.

Exhale, place the right foot on inner surface of left thigh.

Inhale, bring the right arm behind the back and grasp the right big toe.

Exhale, catch the left big toe with left hand.

Inhale, keeping the left leg on the floor, straighten the head and chest.

Exhale, place the chin over left knee or left shin bone. (FINAL POSE)

Inhale, lift the head and chest.

Exhale, leave the great toe, and unfold the right leg.

Repeat on the other side.


Concept: Spinal bending is not enough.

It is advance pose after reaching Paschimottanasana.

Hence this is the great pose for detoxification in Ashtanga Vinyasa style by Pattabhi Jois.

This is also found in the standing series.

Correction- press both the thighs firmly against the ground.

Stretch the Lumbar region to lengthen the whole vertebral column while exhalation.

Tail bone back and try to touch the right toes with right fingers.

Since it is intense pose for abdominal and pelvic organs, avoid it during gastritis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), menstruation, pregnancy, and Migraine.

Do not forget the 10 to 20 Yogic breathings.


Activates Manipura chakra or Naval or Solar plexus:

The large cavity of the body is abdominal region. Since the pose compress the abdomen towards the vertebral column, the pressure can firmly pass through ye abdominal organs.

Alleviates the liver and spleen enlargement:

GASTRIC ACIDS releasing capacity by gastric glands, GLYCOGEN conversion capacity by liver, BILE storage capacity by gall bladder, storage capacity of red blood cells (RBC) by spleen constitute the SOLAR PLEXUS.

Cures abdominal distension due to gas formation:

Continuous chemical reaction of food material the gastro-intestinal tract may result in gas formation. That will also leads to abdominal distension and the loss of focusing ability in the moment. Regular practice of this asana can regulate the SOLAR ability and reduces the gas formation either by digesting or by pushing down to the small intestine where the BILE juice can help.

Cures the “Vata” problems:

Gas formation not only from the food particles, but also in the blood stream which can accumulate at different levels of existence like VAYU. The “Vyana Vayu” can be properly distributed and alleviates such “Vata” or joint problems effectively.

Alleviates Constipation:

As the digestive fire enhanced with this asana, the digestion will be proper enough.