In these days everything is instant like you want to gain weight you can gain within short period of time and vice versa for weight loss too. To compete with the fast growing speed people are so much interested in gaining a toned body within short span of time. If you are also seeking such kind of information here are some important things that you need to know about.  Let us see how the steroid develops our body and what the advantages of injectable form are.

Doses of steroids

There are great quantities of steroids legally available in market today. As studies have reported that nearly 3 million Americans use steroids for body building purpose. Trying to shape and tone your body is very good idea but the shots which you are taking must have some certain limit. The steroids are even used by athletes, professionals and many people.

The injections which they use are of two types and they are

  • Long lasting effects
  • Short lasting effects

Long lasting effects

Some substances like testosterone lasts in our human body for some days or weeks but when the body builders are so interested in maintaining their physique for a long time they must consume to take steroids either in form of pills or shots.

All of a sudden you must not use 100mg or more than that. You must start with light increment in steroids. Injecting steroid is better than consuming pills. For a beginner he must take some drugs like Winstrol as pre-contest ones. Later on they can steadily increase the intake of shots with 50-100 mg per day has shown quite amazing results in physique.


Short Lasting effects

These types are used by actors when they are on work out or some kind of get up change in action movies. These ones are water-soluble ones. Anabolic steroids are the injectable ones and they can be taken for short time for quick development in muscles.  You can stay fit and fine for a short period of time and then change your physique accordingly.

The injections available in markets are of three types and they are

  • Intravenous injections
  • Intramuscular injections
  • Subcutaneous injections

They are basically taken on low amounts by professionals for mass enlargement of muscles. When you are really in need use steroids.

Immediate reaction

When steroids are taken in form of shots they come in immediate contact with blood cells and start their process of increasing the muscular body. In olden days along with steroid shots “Paraffin” was mixed for its inert properties for muscle spasms. On the improvement of technology paved way for injecting oils in your body like

  • Sesame oil
  • Soy oil
  • Sunflower oil

These oils are used as solvents along with anabolic steroids. It may cause some negative effects if you are allergic to oils.

Protein synthesis

These steroids increase the protein synthesis process in our body and enhance the muscular strength which leads to growth in bones and increment in red blood cells. Be sure that the steroid which you are using is original one and take steroids shots with complete doctor prescription to maintain the wellness of your body.