Beating Addiction

When your partner has an addiction, you are most likely in denial in the beginning. Becoming an enabler due to denial will not result in any positive changes. You must begin by facing your challenges as well as those of your partner. Even if your partner is not yet willing to change their behavior, you can help them find the path towards recovery. This can be accomplished with three basic steps. These are:

  • Seeking knowledge about addiction
  • Asking for help
  • Using your inner strength

Seeking Knowledge about Addiction

It is almost impossible to help your partner unless you take the time to understand the problem. The best place to start is by admitting to yourself you have been enabling your partner to follow their addiction. A good example is if you learned your child had cardiac disease. Chances are good you would learn everything you could about the disease.

You would help them eat a healthy diet, make any changes that were necessary in the family dynamic and secure medical help. Addiction and cardiac issues are both diseases. It makes sense to take the same steps to help your partner fight this disease and help them to recover. Learn more about addiction so you can help your partner. Knowledge is the first step for you and your family to offer assistance.

Asking for Help

There is a stigma associated with addiction, yet you may be keeping your partner’s addiction a secret. Visit to find more ways to help your partner. You enable the addiction when you keep it a secret. You both need and deserve support. Talk to the people you trust and accept their support. Your best options are those who have always given you unconditional love and support.

Find a support group online or in person. Talking to people in the same situation will help you understand you are not alone. This is a critical step for your growth and overall wellbeing. Your friends and family can also be a support group. You need to spend some of your time in an atmosphere that makes you feel good. Spending time with positive people will help keep you in a positive frame of mind.

One of the worst things you can do is to isolate yourself. If you keep the way you are feeling inside, it may eventually lead to an explosion. This will net help either you or your partner. Chances are good it will only make the situation worse.

Using your Inner Strength

As seen at science can be an important aspect of recovery. Your inner strength is even more important. This is what enables you to keep moving forward even if you are scared. When you do not allow your partners negative behavior to impact your efforts, you can accomplish your ultimate goal. You have to believe in yourself to help your partner.

Listen to your intuition to find your strength. Some people refer to their inner voice as a higher power or God. It makes no difference what you call it as long as you listen. You can find your inner voice in many ways including:

  • Meditation
  • Spirituality
  • Prayer
  • Affirmations
  • Visualization

Never forget you goal is to help your partner beat their addiction.