In this fast paced world in which we have found ourselves, where we are under constant pressure and scrutiny to look a certain way, dress a particular way and even talk in a certain way weight loss is a big issue. There are all sorts of claims and methods both wholesome and sometimes unsavory being employed by experts and people looking to lose weight. In as much as we support people looking their best and trying to get the optimum functions from their body there must be a cautious approach to the issue of weight loss.

A lot of people have due to the pressure on them imposed either by themselves or the society at large, done all sort of nasty and sometimes outright dangerous and unhealthy things just to lose weight. Sometimes people do things out of desperation, and at other times ignorance comes to play. We want to eliminate ignorance from the equation so that those who refuse to listen do of their own volition and not out of ignorance or misunderstanding. Below we will go through a list of seven things which we must never do in an effort or a bid to lose weight and gain shape.


Starvation is a no go area for anyone. Apart from the fact that it is barbaric it does little to solve the problem without adding to the person a more serious complication. Firstly, calories intake must not drop below 1200 per day as this will lead to an intense and unnecessary struggle to fuel daily activities meaning such an individual could collapse or be too weak to move around. Also , scientifically it has been proven that starvation actually is a precursor for Type II Diabetes and metabolic syndrome. These are medical conditions which certainly do no good to any man and it will be unfortunate not to be free of such diseases and then get them due to starvation in a bid to lose weight.

Supplements That Make Grand Promises

Time and time again scientist have harped on the fact that diet and exercise are the best practices with the least side effects for weight loss and control. While people have always felt uncomfortable with these, they have preferred to take supplements as an easy way out. Supplements are produced by a lot of companies with profit as their main motive and not the wellbeing of the client. Claims which are bold and have not been substantiated are risky as people who take such supplements are putting their lives and health at risk. It will do people a world of good if they can stick to what they know and not be hasty in swallowing supplements being peddled with one claim or the other. Check TOP-5 weight loss shakes.

Cleanses or Detox Plans

Cleanses and detox plans are plain risky. When such plans are undergone without medical supervision it is even more risky. Dehydration can kill and it’s no joke. People who decide to embark on such plans are unmindful of the fact that but purging themselves without supervision they are risking their health and even their lives. Experts have told us time and time again that to cleanse our system all we need is a large serving of fiber containing food with lots of roughages as well as plenty of water. This is what is needed to detoxify the body and nothing more. Please be careful in the use of laxatives and cleanses as people have been known to lose their lives to such reckless habits.

All Forms of Purging

All forms of unsupervised use of purges and laxatives can be very dangerous as this could have far reaching consequences which are of no good. Research has shown that a lot of students on campus engage in purging and the use of dangerous laxatives without proper supervision. This is unhealthy and should be discouraged and outright discontinued. Stomach contents are very acidic in nature due to gastric juices and inducing such contents by regurgitating and vomiting them is dangerous. These acid contents are harmful to the esophagus and teeth. Prolonged use of this method will surely bring about conditions and complications which are not pleasing on the health of the individual concerned. It is better that everyone take proper note.

Extreme Exercising

Extreme exercise looks good on television but in practice the person is playing with fore. The human body is prone to wear and tear and joints, tendons and ligaments remain in a delicate balance and system which must not be disrupted. Any attempt to cause disequilibrium to this system will surely cause dire consequences for the victim. Moderate exercise 5 times or 3 times a week is good enough for anybody. You must remember you are not training for the Olympics. For seniors from 60 and above, extra care must be taken as any fall or injury could have devastating effects and be extremely difficult to deal with.

Legal and Illegal Drugs

Using drugs apart from those prescribed by medical personnel is an anathema. It will surely lead to problems as people should not and must not take drugs apart from those prescribed by medical personnel either for weight loss or any other purpose. Common drugs which can be taken include cocaine and LSD. These drugs have devastating effect on mental health, cognition, appetite, mental health and a host of other issues. Financial recklessness, stroke and heart problems can be the outcome of the use of drugs both legal and illegal without proper prescription and supervision.


Some young people use smoking as a way to suppress their appetite. Nicotine which is the effective ingredient of cigarette has the ability to repress appetite and so people tend to use it as a means of controlling weight. This is wrong and irresponsible to say the least. This is so as smoking harms almost every organ in the body from the heart to the lungs, brain and every vital organ you can think of. It is unhealthy using nicotine to lose weight and must be discouraged as smoking has nothing positive to offer.


Weight loss is a serious issue and claims and counter claims will never seize as people struggle to build and chisel out the perfect shape for their bodies. The only note of warning here is that these 7 methods are dangerous and would only lead to more problems. As stated in the write up, diet , lots of water and a cautious but healthy dose of exercise is the way to go.